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The top 10 ideas chart. Numbers 13 and 14 now?

8 Oct

I don’t know what number I’m on with this chart now. I think I have surpased the top ten and now moved into minus numbers or something. I think thats the best way to think of it. So numbers -3 and -4 is it? Whatever, you just came to look at my ideas didn’t you, that’s all you ever want me for isn’t it. That’s all anyone ever wants me for.

So these ideas.

Extensions of previous ideas really. The AR booth exhibit and the mind reader booth exhibit. But now they are fully formed ideas, with plans, and drawings, and mental images of what they could look like. It’s brilliant to actually have this in my mind right now. Usually, my ideas fully form a few months before it’s due in. Now it has time to evolve into it’s bigger, more powerful pokemon self.

AR Physics game

Here’s some sketches:

Inspired by my love of techniquest, @bristol, the science museum and flash physics games, my idea as to mix a flash physics game with AR tags. You have AR markers for each of the different objects you can use. An onscreen route holds a ball and where it needs to end up, use markers to make the ball move in an animated physics based world! Huzzah!

This would also make use of as3MOD, this is the example I posted previously of ar markers interacting with each other based on distance and bending a 3d model of a piece of metal. Cartoony 3d physics is the best kind of physics.

I think this would be a cracking game myself. Could also simplify it to work in browsers. But, for exhibit use, there would be levels and a highscore chart.

Brain Game

This concept is more of an art piece than anything else. You wear the headset and try to relax. The more you relax the quicker your little character thing evolves out the goo, into the sea, onto land, into the air and then into space. The headset also measures your concentration values, as you concentrate, the colours on screen change and merge to make quite an odd experience. I’m thinking more generative art than vector based art. More REZ than anything else.

Maybe, I would add in a way to collect things to give you power ups, change the visuals or something. I bet it would look very nice if I get it the way it is in my mind.


This is exactly how it would look in real life. Just like this, no deviation from the plan. Makes the physics game more obvious to what it is I think. Don’t think I explained it well in text.

The top ten ideas chart – Some additions

6 Sep

Right, well, this is kinda weird. I’ve had two more ideas which I think have made it to the top ten chart. I have to expand it to the top twelve now. Gosh this is oh so confusing.

So, the ideas. I have recently published two tutorials about augmented reality and getting to grips with it. They went down very well and it has stirred up some interest in myself and my abilities to create AR things. It’s made me think, I quite like doing this kind of thing and I’d like to do some more. More importantly, I’d like to push the boundaries of what is known and what we are used to with current AR technology and usage.

Inspired by the “let’s have your home” exhibit, I’d like to create an exhibit based AR experience. Big wall, big AR cubes lots of fun to be had. I think this works well because of the big screen as it allows other people to see what’s going on with the AR and take part in the fun and games. That’s the downside of the headset idea, no one can see what the hell is going on and often get confused because they can’t see it.

Of course I don’t want to leave it at just that, I’d like to add in physics, hit detection, facial recognition, physical sensors and things to play with that aren’t virtual. Multiplayer AR games could be a great laugh in a big space, especially with high scores and have to fetch other markers quickly/unlocking secret doors in the exhibit to solve AR puzzles etc. I have lots of ideas for this one. Just got to nail the idea down to a specific set of things.

The other idea is based off of the AR rockband video. I reckon this could be very doable. The headset idea (linked up to a big display behind them of course) merged with software that teaches you how to play instruments, and you can learn how to play instruments in a game like way that has proven very popular. Very interesting.

It amazes me how many people still love AR and are very interested in it and it’s uses. I also didn’t think that my tutorials would be received so well or that I could explain how to do something in an interesting way that people could actually understand and learn from. I know that I’m notoriously a hideous explainer of ideas, especially when they are all in my head and I can’t draw things or point at what I’m talking about.

Well done me.

And at number 1

6 Aug

Real life escape the room game!

This idea is by far the one I’ve considered the most. A real room that you are stuck in. Solve the puzzles and you can open the door and walk free. But of course, my puzzles wouldn’t be traditional puzzles, they would be unusual ways of interacting with your surroundings.

It all started with a door knock detector tutorial I found on instructables. It is an arduino project that could detect the sequence of knocks on a door. If it was the sequence already programed in, the door opened, if not the door remained locked.

My other idea is to use a toy EEG machine to detect brain waves and use those brain waves to alter the environment. When you concentrate hard on a puzzle, the lights dim and the music grows tense, when you relax after solving the puzzle, the lights go back on and music turns friendly.

This one project offers a lot of ways to interact and lots of interesting things to do and create.


  • Perfect showcase for museum pieces.
  • Huge impact.


  • A lot to build, a lot to go wrong.

In at number 2

6 Aug

Augmented reality headset!

Kinda like number 3 but with less adventuring. This time it’s more about futurism and ways of portraying information. Taking inspiration from various videos which mockup ways for information to be overlaid into your own personal space and where advertisements are targeted, the idea is to take those dreams and make them real. Or at least viable.

Tracking faces as well as markers would lead to great effect. When it picks up a face, load up a facebook profile next to them. Of course this wouldn’t be possible, instead of a world where information is readily available, my idea is to make a world where all the servers are down and you cant load up anything. Oh how funny I am.


  • Making dreams real.
  • Companies would love it.


  • Hardware issues.

In at number 3

6 Aug

Augmented reality adventure game!

Using my AR headset idea, create an adventure game where you can wander around a public place fighting goblins, collecting gold and befriending wizards. Would work brilliantly with marker less technology or infrared markers. With the right hardware, your world could be transformed and you can placed into the film the lord of the rings. Fantastic.


  • Completely change your environment.
  • New meaning to games.


  • Need good hardware.
  • Not much scope afterwards.

In at number 4

6 Aug

Interactive table top game!

Inspired by Microsoft surface and the game developed for it, surfacescapes, and other interactive table concepts, this idea is for an interactive table that would house some sort of pick up and play game. Again this is one where there is very little thought put into it yet. Just some vague form of idea.


  • People love interactive tables.
  • Great for museums.


  • Needs a good concept.

In at number 5

6 Aug

Interactive furniture!

Again, this idea is one where I have been inspired by a similar project. The original project is about self aware furniture. Some very clever so and so’s attached sensors and wheels to ikea furniture so that it would move out of your way when you walk towards it or move towards you when you sit down. They even created personalities for different furniture. One table was ‘needy’ and would need a button pressed every ten seconds other wise it would go away.

Furniture that is aware of it surroundings and acts accordingly is a fantastic idea and would work very well in a gallery setting, as long as they don’t escape.


  • Cracking idea.
  • Attracts attention.


  • Not a new project.

In at number 6

6 Aug

Interactive water play wall!

Inspired partially by my love of techniquest and by a project ive seen that does a basic version of just this, the play wall would be a great exhibit piece for museums and places of learning. By making something that works and reacts just like water and being able to manipulate it with your finger tips without getting wet in a public place is a neat idea.

Doesn’t have to be just water either.


  • Fun interactive exhibit.
  • Area I want to move into.


  • Could be difficult to build.
  • Not wholly original.

In at number 7

6 Aug

Knightmare with a twist!

Knightmare is an old ITV kids show that I still have fond memories of. It was like a choose your own adventure game with teamwork and kids who couldn’t grasp simple puzzle concepts all thrown together. One kid would wear a helmet that stopped him seeing while three friends in another room helped him navigate around and solve puzzles and riddles. Essentially it was like a modern day computer game about a medieval knight but all acted out as a gameshow.

My idea is to recreate this or the feeling of it. I have no idea what the twist is or how any of it would work. I just liked the memory of Knightmare.


  • Engaging, fun game.


  • Niche market.
  • Needs lots of people to play.

In at number 8

5 Aug

Alternate Reality Game.

Now this one can be very cool. If done right. If done wrong however it can make you look like a fool for attempting it. Very high risk and needs help. This is most definitely not a lone wolf project.  My twist on this particular idea is to merge it with an iPhone app. Other ARG’s let you call a number where characters have left ‘clue messages’. My idea is to have the characters call you and then you can interact with the game through the app as well as through the browser.


  • Can create a following.
  • Merge real life with a fictional world.


  • Can’t do it on my own, need a team.
  • Niche market.

In at number 9

5 Aug

Location based game.

Location based games are fun. Providing you can get enough people to play them. For this one I have nothing specific in mind apart from the fact it would go well for IGFest in September. The annual location based game festival in bristol.


  • Big enough to keep me busy


  • Niche market
  • Need a great angle

In at number ten

5 Aug

Augmented reality micro machines!

Simple idea really. You can control augmented reality shapes in flash just like you can control a character in a flash game. This in itself is quite cool, but add things like interaction with other markers, multiple players and an interesting backdrop and you have a cool modern day recreation of a fun old game that could, with the right marketing, go viral.


  • Fun, multiplayer game.
  • Potential to go viral.


  • Wouldn’t keep me busy for a year.
  • Limiting to just screen interaction.