And at number 1

6 Aug

Real life escape the room game!

This idea is by far the one I’ve considered the most. A real room that you are stuck in. Solve the puzzles and you can open the door and walk free. But of course, my puzzles wouldn’t be traditional puzzles, they would be unusual ways of interacting with your surroundings.

It all started with a door knock detector tutorial I found on instructables. It is an arduino project that could detect the sequence of knocks on a door. If it was the sequence already programed in, the door opened, if not the door remained locked.

My other idea is to use a toy EEG machine to detect brain waves and use those brain waves to alter the environment. When you concentrate hard on a puzzle, the lights dim and the music grows tense, when you relax after solving the puzzle, the lights go back on and music turns friendly.

This one project offers a lot of ways to interact and lots of interesting things to do and create.


  • Perfect showcase for museum pieces.
  • Huge impact.


  • A lot to build, a lot to go wrong.


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