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arduino powered typewriter for zork

31 Oct

Hell yes.

It seems that there arnt lots of projects around recently that are about interactive fiction, well at least ones that arnt just emulators or very bad stories.

I just found this, the automatypewriter.

This is so cool. It plays the classic interactive fiction game Zork. The typewriter types out the computer part or story for you and then detects what you type as a response. Wow. I really like the fact that it types for you, its quite ghostly in a way.

Very clever way of mixing an old technology with an old computer game. Really this is how they should all be played.

Crit paper week 2 task

21 Oct


1. A short introduction – no more than 200 words – on the topic that you are considering for your Critical Essay. This is purely for drafting generalised ideas at this stage.

2. Any thoughts on the sources you’ll be using: books, journals, first hand evidence. Again this doesn’t have to be too detailed.

3. Start looking through this site: as we’ll be exploring it over the next few weeks.







Interactive design


Computer stories

First hand experience playing with interactive fiction old and new



Interactive fiction and it’s narrative structure. These are stories where the user has control over how the story unfolds and the direction of the plot. I will be looking into how these stories are told, can people understand the stories, is it the new form of the book? Is it appropriate for the modern world, why are they laid out and represented the way they are.