The top 10 ideas chart. Numbers 13 and 14 now?

8 Oct

I don’t know what number I’m on with this chart now. I think I have surpased the top ten and now moved into minus numbers or something. I think thats the best way to think of it. So numbers -3 and -4 is it? Whatever, you just came to look at my ideas didn’t you, that’s all you ever want me for isn’t it. That’s all anyone ever wants me for.

So these ideas.

Extensions of previous ideas really. The AR booth exhibit and the mind reader booth exhibit. But now they are fully formed ideas, with plans, and drawings, and mental images of what they could look like. It’s brilliant to actually have this in my mind right now. Usually, my ideas fully form a few months before it’s due in. Now it has time to evolve into it’s bigger, more powerful pokemon self.

AR Physics game

Here’s some sketches:

Inspired by my love of techniquest, @bristol, the science museum and flash physics games, my idea as to mix a flash physics game with AR tags. You have AR markers for each of the different objects you can use. An onscreen route holds a ball and where it needs to end up, use markers to make the ball move in an animated physics based world! Huzzah!

This would also make use of as3MOD, this is the example I posted previously of ar markers interacting with each other based on distance and bending a 3d model of a piece of metal. Cartoony 3d physics is the best kind of physics.

I think this would be a cracking game myself. Could also simplify it to work in browsers. But, for exhibit use, there would be levels and a highscore chart.

Brain Game

This concept is more of an art piece than anything else. You wear the headset and try to relax. The more you relax the quicker your little character thing evolves out the goo, into the sea, onto land, into the air and then into space. The headset also measures your concentration values, as you concentrate, the colours on screen change and merge to make quite an odd experience. I’m thinking more generative art than vector based art. More REZ than anything else.

Maybe, I would add in a way to collect things to give you power ups, change the visuals or something. I bet it would look very nice if I get it the way it is in my mind.


This is exactly how it would look in real life. Just like this, no deviation from the plan. Makes the physics game more obvious to what it is I think. Don’t think I explained it well in text.


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