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Bright ideas

5 Aug

Currently I have a few ideas for projects. Some are better than others.

I’m sure there are more ideas to come, but for now here’s my list of some detailed ideas and other very very vague ones.

  1. Real life escape the room game.
  2. Augmented reality headset.
  3. Augmented reality adventure game.
  4. Interactive table top game.
  5. Interactive furniture.
  6. Interactive water play wall.
  7. Knightmare with a twist.
  8. Alternate reality game.
  9. Location based game.
  10. Augmented reality micro machines.

This list is in some order from my most favourite ideas that I would love to do, to ones where I could do it in a few weeks and are hardly projects.

If Adam asks for ten ideas again like last year, it also covers that aspect very nicely. Let me explain these ideas in some detail in further posts. But for now, I think their titles explain them all quite nicely and you can get some vague idea of what’s in my mind. Of course, I’m never that straight forward. I have a few things planned for spot number one at least.

An early start

3 Aug

Summer holidays are a boring time. Especially when you couldn’t get a job that wasn’t in a dusty warehouse. So, to keep myself amused, I started researching into ideas for my final major project. I have come up with around 10 ideas so far. Some are more viable/fleshed out than others.

Some are very loosely called ideas. More like inspirational starting points.

This year I’m doing things a little different. Instead of a little book, or several books. I will be doing everything through this blog and compiling it into one very sexy looking book. Well that’s the plan anyway.

I’m also conducting experiments into various elements that I would like to see developed further in whatever project I decide to go with. I also have some ideas regarding packaging and brand design and incorporating all this into one project would be tough, but I think it would be a good challenge.