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The Big Three

1 Nov

Earlier in this blog somewhere, I created a big list of varying ideas. Over time they have evolved and changed themselves into the ideas I’m about to formalise now.

The AR project:

This is an AR game that can be played in the browser but it’s prefered home is the gallery showcase. It uses tilt and rotation to control a character in a world that is contained inside the marker. It should be a light, fun, puzzle game that encourages people to keep playing and have fun.

The brain controlled object project:

This is a project about controlling an inanimate object using mind control. Using cheap equipment, I can assign simple values to control an object. Cool to see, fun to play with.

The brain controlled flash game project:

This again uses brain control but this time to control a fun flash game. Using a big screen to display the game and a podium to give simple controls in addition to the brain powered controller.

I’m really leaning towards the last one in this list right now. Although I really would enjoy making a flash AR game, I’d be a fool to miss the opportunity to make a brain controlled game. I’ve already demoed some simple brain controlled flash love online which has only been met with a fantasticly positive result. I also really want to make a complete flash game, I only tend to make flash things that show off things or just render objects, I would like to actually make a complete game that people can enjoy.

I can make the AR game when I have free time again.