The top ten ideas chart – Some additions

6 Sep

Right, well, this is kinda weird. I’ve had two more ideas which I think have made it to the top ten chart. I have to expand it to the top twelve now. Gosh this is oh so confusing.

So, the ideas. I have recently published two tutorials about augmented reality and getting to grips with it. They went down very well and it has stirred up some interest in myself and my abilities to create AR things. It’s made me think, I quite like doing this kind of thing and I’d like to do some more. More importantly, I’d like to push the boundaries of what is known and what we are used to with current AR technology and usage.

Inspired by the “let’s have your home” exhibit, I’d like to create an exhibit based AR experience. Big wall, big AR cubes lots of fun to be had. I think this works well because of the big screen as it allows other people to see what’s going on with the AR and take part in the fun and games. That’s the downside of the headset idea, no one can see what the hell is going on and often get confused because they can’t see it.

Of course I don’t want to leave it at just that, I’d like to add in physics, hit detection, facial recognition, physical sensors and things to play with that aren’t virtual. Multiplayer AR games could be a great laugh in a big space, especially with high scores and have to fetch other markers quickly/unlocking secret doors in the exhibit to solve AR puzzles etc. I have lots of ideas for this one. Just got to nail the idea down to a specific set of things.

The other idea is based off of the AR rockband video. I reckon this could be very doable. The headset idea (linked up to a big display behind them of course) merged with software that teaches you how to play instruments, and you can learn how to play instruments in a game like way that has proven very popular. Very interesting.

It amazes me how many people still love AR and are very interested in it and it’s uses. I also didn’t think that my tutorials would be received so well or that I could explain how to do something in an interesting way that people could actually understand and learn from. I know that I’m notoriously a hideous explainer of ideas, especially when they are all in my head and I can’t draw things or point at what I’m talking about.

Well done me.


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