Making connections. On Twitter.

25 May

To people who stumble upon this blog or read it out of curriosity about my projects and thoughts, you might find this post a little odd and full of self grandure. This post is part of my degree requirements that say I need to act in a professional manner and seek out contacts in relevant fields etc.

With that in mind, heres some contacts I’ve started making!

Well, what I’ve actually done is start conversations on twitter and show off my work, hey, they tend to repost the stuff and get it seen by others too so, woo!

First off, I’d like to thank Ian Lobb, a talented flash game designer from the UK. He’s done some cool flash games for big names and currently co hosts the fantastic creative coding pod cast. What will I have to do to get mentioned on such a podcast? Who knows! But the first step is to get myself known to guys like him.

Well, that just prompted me to write a look back over the whole tech stuff behind my project. I think that these thoughts of why I did certain things and chose the tech I chose would be quite interesting to read anyway. So I wrote a rather lengthy post, I tried to keep it informal and a nice read, but it may have been too much for some.

Well look at that, Iain retweed me, great stuff! My blog got stormed that day, I had like 40 readers! Holy crap! Never had so many readers in one day on my blog. Interestingly, people stuck around for a day or two as well since I still had pretty high numbers the day after.

Gary ( is just showing off with the 300 he got when creative review tweeted about him.

Iain was even very nice and gave me some tips for the future.

I also got some mentions from older friends, the tech editor at activetuts.

I even started talking all tech with another dev who has dabbled in mind controlled flash:

So great! I’ve started to get noticed by some pretty awesome and well known flash devs. So what about work? Did I start contacting people about jobs?

Of course I did. I decided that I’d like to start developing flash games right now and do the more techy stuff as a hobby/side project type thing. So, with that in mind, I applied for jobs at a few places.

One of them being preloaded. They are a pretty awesome company. They dont just do flash games, they make iPhone apps, make installations and all sorts of crazy extra stuff. They are most well known right now for their flash games, they’ve won baftas for them.

I’m expecting to hear back from them soon in regards to an internship.

But thats not all!

I’ve applied to be a flash dev at Nitrome, a pixel art obssessed flash game studio. They are looking for a flash dev and also iphone devs, which is where I think my edge is.

The nice people on twitter told me so! So let’s see how that pans out.

There’s also the job that Lee lined up for me at Carbon Studios. This, however fantastic an opportunity, I don’t think is just right for me yet. They want a flash dev to handle all their work, and since I’m still quite unexperienced in studio flash dev, I would like to work with a team of devs so I can learn new stuff and pick up best practices rather than potentially be making a lot of industry mistakes and fumbling around by myself.

But wait! Theres more!

I’ve also applied to be a speaker at Flash on the Beach for 3 mins during what they call the “elevator pitch session” This is where they get 20 new comers and let them have three mins of stage time to talk about whatever they want. I’ve applied to show off my brainwave reading skills and to show people what can be done with the tech.

Hopefully I’ll get that, it’s sounding promising so far. I got a reply email with a positive response but I’ll have to wait till the end of June to find out about that one.

I’m pretty interested about being perceived as professional and I’d like to be known within the flash dev community for deving this kind of hardware + software crazy combo stuff. So being able to talk about it in a pretty large flash conference where people come from all over the world to hear people speak would be fantastic.

Loads of companies come to this event too, including preloaded!

So yeah, I’ve been trying pretty hard to get this project noticed by those who matter and trying to get myself a cool job. Will have to see what the future holds I guess.


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