neurosky’s mindwave – I have one now

24 May

Today I took deliverance of my very own Neurosky branded Mindwave.

An affordable brain wave reading headset.

It was super easy to set up too, I managed to get it up and running with the flash example within minutes. Great stuff. Weirdly, I noticed that acts exactly the same way as an arduino when you plug it in. You get a little message that pops up saying something about a network device when you plug in the dongle just like the ardunio, it accesses it in just the same way, and you even have to use a socket port to get information around your comp. Except this time, it comes nicely wrapped up in neuroskys GUI along with a nice little bit of software that helps auto connecting.

To stop it draining battery life, the headset will only connect when you are running an app thats trying to access it. The supplied software then connects the headset and disconnects it once the app is shut down. NICE! I like that, seems very handy to me.

The head set is lovely and comfortable and works exactly the same way in flash as my previous hack did.

Infact, the example code that came with it looked pretty much identical to my own code, proud moment for me there. I code brainwave flash apps like the pro’s.

I even got it up and running with my own game within minutes, I just had to slightly edit their example file to be accessed by my game in the way that I use it.

But it all works, and pretty damn well too, a lot easier than having that stupid buzzing box and messy port forwarders knocking about.

Interestingly, the online documentation for the mindwave for hooking up an arduino to it involves soldering directly to the usb dongle. Very hackerish! This company is all about the user made hacks, they clearly love the damn stuff, makes their stuff more popular I guess.

Because the headset is so nice and lovely looking, I’m quite skeptical about putting it in an arcade style game where I wont be around all the time.

I think that, for the pro evening, I’ll have the new headset there to use and on other days, I’ll sub it with the old tech. I don’t want to break my lovely new toy.


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