Video’s and getting talked about.

18 May

We got some video of our projects that adam and others had taken from the exhibition. I took the videos of my project and edited them together to form a nice little video showing off how my project looked when it was on display in the riverfront.

And here it is:

[vimeo 23820412]

and within hours of me posting up this video to vimeo, I get blogged about from the guys at

They keep posting nice things about my project and they continue to flatter me with some more fantastic words:

One of the most creative and imaginative independently designed Kinect games out there has got to go to Jon Reid’s Spaced Out.

How nice is that?

Full link:

Another kinect site picked up my game and wrote things about it too. It seems that people are noticing the game for being kinect controlled rather than the fact that its mind controlled. Interesting that they are noticing one thing over the other.

Full link:

It’s always nice to get seen and noticed for doing work like this, especially when they find you by chance, that’s even better. It all just happens.

I’ve been around my project so long that I forget how impressive it is to others. To me, I see all the flaws, all the bits that could have been but to others they see this insane game that has stepped into the future and brought back magic.

Fun stuff.

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