Thinking into the future.

18 May

Where can I take this project in the future?

What could I improve?

These questions and more are what I am about to set out and answer.

This project has a lot of potential for more. In some cases, different aspects of the game have far more potential than the thing as a whole.

At one point during my exhibition, Mark Jackson and another woman who I don’t know were talking about how my project would be great for exhibitions and would be a nice, physical game to show off. Not sure what exhibition they had in mind, but it’s one that will happen in the next year they told me. So, theres that. My game would indeed be great for exhibition’s and bigger spaces, thats what its built and designed for. It would be nice to submit my project to exhibitions and show off my project a bit more.

For me personally, I will definately be taking some of the game logic and understanding I learned about this game with me. Especially the self adjusting game idea so that anyone can win at your game. I think that’s a great idea that you just don’t see in games at all. And, as my game proved, it’s a solid idea that does indeed work in practice. It’s just figuring out how to include it in games that don’t read your mind.

Mind control is something that I will playing with more in the future. I would definitely like to control physical items with thought, even I do so as a hobby, I would still like to do it and see if I can make everything mind controlled. Why not? If I can develop a simple system that’s effectively plug and play with household items, it’d be foolish not to .

I’d like to also do more mind control + kinect games. It’s a nice little interaction system. It’d be nice to develop more with the kinect too as you can create some pretty nice systems with it. I’d like to get the skeleton tracking working and create full body flash games. Something that makes you do silly little poses for everything, that’d be fun I think.

Clearly it’s just left up to my imagination really. I could do so many different things, I just have to think of them first.


First and foremost, a better brain wave reading headset. Considering I can get one for a decent price (£100 including postage) and it reads far more information AND I dont have to hack into it (giving me an arduino spare for doing cool shit) it’s a no brainer really. I bought one today from Neurosky, and I’ll be awaiting it’s arrival.

Next improvement would be to rewrite the game. I’ve learned a lot about game programming and I realise now that I’ve done a lot of it wrong or and a cack handed way. I could rewrite the game so it would be a lot smoother, less confusing to read and would be more efficient. It would take a good long week to sort that out though, for me it’s not really worth doing it just yet for the upcoming grad show. The game works, but I have a feeling I have a memory leak somewhere which means I need to restart the game every 4 hours or so. I may look into that if I have time, but rewriting it is the option i’ll take if I suddenly have a lot of free time on my hands. (Right now I’d prefer to learn new things, like making cool games).

If I was to do it all again though, I don’t think I’d change much if anything. I would most likely do more research into how the user initially uses the game and try and make it more open and self initiating so that I didn’t need to constantly be around making sure people put the hat on correctly.

Other than that, I can’t think of any other improvements. The headset one is annoying since the new headset came out about a month or so before the grad show happened. I didn’t have time then (or money) to really think about that as a viable choice. I had my old version working for about 9 months, it’d do for a little while longer.

It’s been a good experience.

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