My mum says I make good games.

2 May

I got my mum to play my game and I watched from the side lines to see how she played it and how it worked with her.

I admit, I had to prod her along occasionally, but in my deffense, she had to take her hearing aid out to put on the hat and thus couldn’t hear any of the in game instructions.

Also,  she never ever plays games. So she didn’t really understand certain aspects of the game since she had no prior knowledge or frame of reference for certain things.


I took notes as she played and this is what I got from it:

  • Mum gets it after a little bit of confusion with the hat.
  • Mainly with putting it on, but that was always an issue, hence the new “about the hat” board
  • Slowly got better at the game, although I don’t think she quite knows what’s going on. (hearing issue, unable to comprehend story)
  • Problem with audio on videos again, sometimes it drops out for no reason at all.
  • Couldn’t get to grips with enter name screen, although she couldn’t really see the cursor much on my tiny laptop screen from a distance. Perhaps linked.
  • After two deaths, she finished the game and placed 4th on my highscore list.
It’s one of those things that when you know how to do it, you just want to keep doing it.
She got the hang of it in the end which was good. She seemed to enjoy the whole game experience and the kinect + hat interface was really intuitive for her. She picked that up with in seconds.
Only thing was she didn’t seem to quite get the concentration bit for a minute or so, but then on the second try she was a dab hand at the game and understood how to blow things up, so that’s positive I guess.
Considering my mum get’s scared when my dad moves icons around on her computers desktop, I think I’ve done well here.

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