Adding little touches to podiums.

2 May

I added the game logo to my main podium. I fel that it needed that little extra branding touch to finish it all off and keep it linked in with the game.

You can also see the green rug in place.

Putting the logo on the podium gave me a rather large headache.

First of all, I ordered some “clear” stickers so that I could print on them and then stick it on and it would look fabulous. But no, the stickers I received were far from clear. Infact when put on the gloss black surface, they came out looking like frosted glass. Not cool.

So, what I had to settle for, was cutting out each individual letter and sticking them on by hand. A huge pain in the neck that was.

After I stuck them on, I realised that I had the S and the O on upside down, whoops.

But in the end, I think that it looks just the business. It looks like something you’d find in a museum I think. Along with the hat on the manikin head and the info board, I think I’ve got some cool stuff lined up for this grad show.


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