Rest in peace good friend.

27 Apr

My brainwave reading toy has died. It gave up working while I was trying to see if I could control LED’s from flash.

Yes and No, mainly No with my current setup. Yes in the future with other tech.

Anyway, the headset still works, just the base unit died. Luckily, eBay had a listing for a starwars force trainer that was ending on the exact same day. Fantastic! It was roughly the same price that I paid for the original so that’s good too.

I hurriedly bought one to replace the old and broken base unit and it arrived soon after.

Phew, that’s one problem that could have caused real problems.

Although, while I was waiting for the new base unit to arrive, I found out that the people who make the chip for this are selling their own headset that links up directly to your pc and can connect to arduino really easily. For £80. Damn, I should have bought that instead. Oh well, I’ll get it when our loans come in and maybe I’ll update my project with it between the riverfront show and the official grad show, who knows.

Oh well, at least I know in future I’ll be able to make all sorts of mind control + flash + arduino controlled stuff. Without fear of breaking things.

Had to find out now didn’t I, so close to the end.


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