Men in Hats.

27 Apr

As my old giraffe hat was tired, too small, and wasn’t very pretty, I enlisted the help of my begrudging mother to help me make a new, fantastic giraffe hat.

My mum wasn’t impressed with this request.

Nevertheless, we pressed on.

I got some lovely fake fur online that sold fur in packs of two, one sheet brown, one sheet white. Not sure what I’m going to do with the white fur yet, perhaps make a fantastic winter cape with fur trimming.

The style for the new hat would be a direct copy of the old one, just everything would be bigger to address the main issue I found with the hat. It just didn’t fit anyone correctly.

With the old hat, when you put it on it never really covered the back of your head. It just kind of sat on top of your head looking like it was about to fall off.

I mean just look at adam wearing it, see how it barely fits his head? Now Adam doesn’t have an unusually large head, so this was a problem to me.

And it also became apparent that just about anyone who tried to put it on found it difficult to do so with the constraining nature of the old hat.

So, my mum, myself and my dad sat around cutting up fur and making each pannel from the old hat about an inch bigger on all sides. This seemed to work a treat and it all came together nicely.

To fit the headset inside, there are some simple tabs with velcro on them holding it in so it can be taken out easily if needed. The new hat also accomodates the headset more, having the fact that its main purpose is to hide the headset in mind when designing the gat this time.

Look at it now!

Under that hat, I am wearing the headset, and no one would know! Fantastic.

It does exactly the job I set out for it to do. Plus, it looks more like a giraffe this time. Vaguely. In the rough area of the zoo which holds giraffes.

Plus, you dont look at all foolish while wearing it, bonus.

Here’s a side by side of the old hat vs the new hat.

Quite a remarked change there. Mainly the horns, the horns are big now. That’s entirely on purpose, the old ones were tiny and stopped it looking more like a giraffe, now the are bloomin’ huuuuuge!

Then I got to thinking, how are people gonna know how to put on the hat and the contacts and everything. I mean, without me standing there explaining. I know, a visual sign!

I knew just the look I had in mind, a cut away diagram.

With the help of google, I found one that really gave me a visual style to homage.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here, but I just like the way that white band is used to signify a cutaway. It’s a nice little visual clue that suggests something is beneath the surface.

Also, there are images like this which are nice little illustrated diagrams. They look like instruction manuals and are very clear about what’s going on in the diagram. Also, numbering and lettering things for a more detailed explanation is nice.

So here’s my attempt.

I think it does a good job of looking visually interesting whilst also being informative.

I just needed to get across where the three contacts go, and that they must not be touching hair to work.

I think that pretty much covers it in that nice little diagram there dont you?

This will be on display next to the hat, instructing people how to wear it.

I will also have a little card saying “put on the hat” or some variety, just so its clear that the hat is there for people to wear it, not just look pretty.


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