I’ll shoot them, WITH MIND BULLETS

27 Apr

One of the coolest projects I have seen with mindcontrol in a while.

Someone hooked up a nerf gun to the neurosky headset + arduino so that when you concentrate hard enough, you fire a bullet from the gun.

God dammit, that’s so cool. Why didn’t I do that first? Wow it’s so awesome.


That’s such a crazy idea, but one that’s been around for ages. I need to start doing stuff like this because it’s awesome. Controlling physical things with though is aces. I’m so doing that mind controlled car thing after uni is done.

It’s so inspiring to see stuff like this being done, it’s quite crazy really.

The whole system is really simple, hook up some electronics so you fire a nerf gun with an arduino switch, hook that up over a bluetooth unit so it’s wireless, hook that up to arduino and then process the thought control. I’m glad I got my mind control lights working in the end because controlling a physical thing with mind control is just awesome.

I’m annoyed with myself that I didn’t make a bigger thing of it, why just lights? Why not something else. I could have done so much with this, but now I feel a bit disappointed that I’m not controlling lots of silly things with thought power.



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