A witty title about exhibition related work.

27 Apr

I was given some extra tasks to do for the exhibition.

I had to make up the “about this project” boards that would go along with every exhibit. Fun thing that. The main problem with this was trying to get everyones words and titles.

I had the majority of peoples words and titles. I was missing Martyn and Owains words and Dan, Rachels, Martyns and Richards titles.

Martyn and rich got back to me almost straight away when I asked them for stuff. It was a little more stressful with Dan and Owain considering I know that Dan is never around and Owain just doesn’t like doing things.

Nevertheless I pressed on and asked them all for their stuff.

Luckily, thank science, everyone gave me what I needed within a day.

I almost had a heart attack with joy.

So I set about making a layout, which I got vetted by the group via facebook. Everyone seemed pleased so I put in everyone’s pictures and text and started printing them out and mounting them up.

Luckily, I had plenty of foam board left over from Beyond knocking about my parents house, so I made use of that to stick the images to.

I just need to finish printing off the four ones who got me their stuff late and the cut them all out and it’ll be done.

A nice finishing touch to the show I think.

This is the full sized version of what I’ve been printing off:

This is the template that I have been using to generate the about pages off of.

It got really tricky when it came to doing Joan’s board, since there is two of them on one board. I managed to squeeze them both in in the end and it looks perfectly fine too. All good there then.

Plus, I hear good things about the massive posters that I helped Luke to do before the easter break. We created a poster for everyone in the class with a little bit about them on the poster and some of the work they have done. Me and Luke sat around for a few hours and sorted all that out so that they could be printed over easter for us.

That’ll be nice I think, having some stuff about each of us on huge posters. Apparently we can put up the triff poster too. That’ll be nice to see hanging up in a gallery.



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