Mac mini stuff.

20 Apr

While posting about how the world we know it is turning to crap, I forgot to post about my project again.

I’ve been having more trouble with the mac mini recently.

It’s not that it doesn’t run my game, because it does that wonderfully. It just can’t do the very important task of talking to the kinect and sending that data to flash. That part likes to freeze up a lot.

I’m using a program called tuioKinect. A small tuio client that is able to pick up blobs which it thinks are hands (it figures out the proportion of the body that’s on screen and decides which part are the hands by how big they are in relation to everything else it sees at that given time) and then sends the data out over ports, a standard way for a computer to shift around this kind of data.

The program was written by one of the guys who built the reactable, so we know it’s got some good thinking behind it.

I’ve had the program on my laptop for a while now, and apart from the occasional freeze, I’ve had no problems with it. I’ve had the thing running for hours before while I’ve been testing my game and it worked flawlessly.

I put all the software onto the mac mini and the client freezes up after a few minutes of having flash open. Now that is just annoying. It happens every single time.

I went into Uni today to try the software out on the iMac’s there to see if it was just the mac mini. It was. The iMac’s ran it fine, no problems at all.

So, instead of having everything tidily tucked away in my little booth, I will have to hide the iMac under some staging in the Riverfront and have a long cable to connect to the projector. This isn’t ideal, but hey, it works. Who am I to argue with something that works well.

It’s a little annoying, but at least my project can still charge ahead.

Try and stop me now world. I’ve faced every single problem that you can throw at me and my project is still going strong. All that’s left is aesthetical issues, and that can be solved by some paint and some sewing.

Ha. I win.


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