I could be a professional maker of things.

20 Apr

In the last few days, I’ve been a very productive individual.

First off, I wanted to sort out my round mat. The idea for having a round mat is a throw back to one of my very old posts about the AR booth exhibit thing. They had a round mat on the floor so people knew where to stand so the software would work.

Since I need the player to be a certain distance away from the kinect to work, I thought that I should have the rug in place so people know where to stand, however subconsciously.

So, my mum had lots of sheep skin pieces lying around, I got her to sew some together and I cut it into a circle. Then I promptly dyed it green. Why green? I dont know, I quite liked green in contrast to the colour of my plinth.

So green it is, and my how pretty it looks.

Next up, I got some black sticky back plastic as I thought this would make ideal covering for my plinth. The initial idea was to paint it black, but then this would throw up loads of issues with brush strokes etc, and it just wouldn’t look proper. So I got some sticky back plastic from homebase.

The nightmare I had when trying to find this stuff is insane. I asked Luke very kindly if he would take me to hobbycraft to find some of the stuff since wilkinsons, who usually have some, had none in black. Hobby craft had none, but luckily Homebase next door did.

They also had something else there. Stick on velour. It’s the kind of stuff you would cover a poker table with, and they had it in black. I quickly picked up some and head on home.

The sticky back plastic went on really easily, and I was surprised there was no air bubbles. Then, a few days later when my electronics arrived (the main button for the plinth and some stuff for the lights) I could install everything and put on the velour.

It looks fantastic.

It really looks rather posh now. No longer does it look like cheap wood, but like a proper, professionally made plinth for a museum. Shame that it wobbles.

I also built a shelf into it, so that I could put the projector on it. It’s at the exact height of one of the bars in the riverfront so it projects through the railings nicely.

So yeah, I eventually wired up the button for the plinth.

The problem was that I couldn’t hook it directly up to the arduino. Not that the hardware wouldn’t work, but the code that I am using for the brainwave code stopped other interfaces working due to the code making things pause whilst it reads in code from the headset. Booooooo.

The solution? Solder the button to a USB mouse. That way, it’ll interface directly and work within flash straight away. Wonderful.

Then, a problem arose. A big problem! one that could hinder my project drastically.

The brainwave reading toy broke. It just suddenly stopped working. And I have no idea why.

I was working on the code, to see if I could get the button working, and the headset just gave up. It just wouldnt turn on correctly. It seemed like a capacitor had blown, but I cant make much of a guess.

Luckily, that same day, someone was selling one on eBay for exactly the same price as I paid for the old one. So I snapped that up straight away and I am waiting on delivery.

The old system served me well, just hope I can remember how I hacked in to it the first time round.

The other thing I had ordered was some electronics so that I could finally finish off my LED light system.

I had just ordered some basic relay’s and resistors, but that’s all I needed. Kim had given me the circuit diagram and so I was all set, armed with the knowledge of what I was doing this time round, no arduino explosions for me.

The circuits are simple, it uses the arduino to turn the relay on or off which in turn acts as a switch for each LED colour.

Works a treat. Took me a little while to solder up correctly, but when it was done, I couldn’t fault it. Finally, my booth is coming together. I will have mind controlled lights and a mind controlled game on a very shiny plinth. One problem is that I can only turn the lights on or off, not fade through colours. So, I’m gonna have to get creative with how I control the lights.

Oh yeah, I also put some images on my little photoscreen thing, this now sits in my plinth and displays a slide show of images detailing the story of my game to passers by. Lovely.

So I’ve been working hard recently.

Next I’m working on giraffe hat 2.0. Expect it to be bigger and better than ever. I’m doing this bastard right.


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