More performance issues!

11 Apr

Right, today I got hold of the machine that will actually be running my project come exhibition time. A wonderful mac mini.

These bastards are small, so I can tuck it away nicely in my cabinet thingy and no one will see all the crap thats powering my game.

But, mac mini’s, especially the ones we have in uni, are quite underpowered. So, when I tested my game out on it, it works okay, but there is some problem with the video stuttering and a big problem with the level titles.

Yes, those damn pesky level titles again.

The problem I’m having is that the mac mini isnt powerful enough to render video at 1024×768 during a flash game. I’ve just found out the way to get around this problem. Double pixels!

I just make all the videos half their playing resolution, so 512x 384. This runs absolutely fine and dandy on the mac mini, and to be honest, you cant really see much quality difference. Especially considering that it’s going to be run on a big projector anyway, those things just love to lose quality.

So there we have it, the trick to playing graphic intensive videos in a flash game, lower the res.


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