Performance anxiety.

10 Apr

Recently, I’ve noticed that at certain points in my game, i get horrible, horrible performance. The frame rate drops to an unusable state and makes the game unplayable.

The main areas where this happened were when the new level titles played over the top of the game, and when no enemies were destroyed whilst wearing the hat and they were left to appear on screen.

Now, the level titles I couldnt do much about. They didnt have a massive effect on the performance, just a short term thing while they were on screen, but the enemies problem did bring me big concerns.

The game would just crash under the weight of a screen FULL of enemies appearing at once.

What I could do to fix this, was to reduce the amount of enemies that spawned, doing this should help. Although, the problem did occur when the game wasnt really being played, actually playing the game doesnt have this performance effect, but I just cant take the chance.

Another thing I did which has helped performance no end, is to adjust the settings. I have now made my game GPU accelerated, and to kick this into effect, I am running it out of a .app projector. This has cleared away all the previous noticable performance problems that I had with the video overlays, even when my laptop has loads of heavy programs open, the game runs smoothly. So I am pretty confident now that it’ll run as it should do come show time.


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