Fixing things and tidying up.

5 Apr

Recently, I have been mainly doing the final tidying up of my game. It’s all looking ship shape now. I fixed the problems with the audio using FLV’s, I added a few little details in and I’ve just been tidying things up.

I made myself a to-do list, well, several infact.

I made one originally, and then I went through it and when everything was crossed off, I would go through the game again looking at what needed to be improved or finished and eventually the list went down from a big horrible list full of big, serious things to fix down to a small list that was mainly filled with “make it pretty”.

This is my big to-do list.

Interesting note: towards the bottom I start talking about difficulty within the game.

This has now been implemented (as I’ve ticked it off my list). I have done it in a nice little way that was suggested to me by Gary. Add a multiplier to the number which I check to see if your concentration matches.

You see, I have a variable within my code called attnNumber. This is a simple variable that I check against to see if you are concentrating enough to kill an enemy. All I have to do to make the game harder is to check what your health is, then mulitply attnNumber by 1.3 for the hardest difficulty. By the end of the game, potentially, you may need to have a concentration level of 90 out 100 to kill enemies.

And all that is determined by how much you have been hit in the first level. Simple really. If you lose no life by the time you kill bowie first time round, the game ramps up the difficulty. If you lose some life, it still gets more difficult, but not as much, attnNumber gets a 1.2 multiplier.

It’s quite a simple method, but it seems to work pretty well.

See? After that initial list, the second list got down to some really aesthetcial choices like sound editing.

To me, these drastically effect the feel of the game, so they are still important. Just not as important as fixing all the audio to stop the game crashing.

The sound editing was important as, without it, the tutorial level (i’ll come to that now) felt odd. The audio had too much silence before and after me speaking which could leave users confused about whether or not their actions were correct.

Having the audio play straight away as soon as they did something correctly is important to me as it reassures them that their actions are correct. Positive reinforcement at work there.

The tutorial level is a bit of an oversight really. I never really thought about one until Adam pointed out to me that launching into the game is incredibly confusing as you dont yet know how the controls work.

After he mentioned this, I was focusing on getting the game up and running fully before tampering with it some more, so it’s only recently that I’ve implemented this level at all.

It’s a very basic system, a series of checks at best. The game checks if you are wearing the hat or not, if you are it triggers some more audio which prompts you to wave your hand at the screen, do that and some more audio is triggered telling you to kill an enemy on screen. Do that, and you can start the game. All this is guided along by my friendly voice detailing the instructions.

It was only after doing this that I thought that the levels launched up too quickly. I thought that it needed a little pause between levels, just to clarify where you are in the game and give you a chance to prepare yourself for whats about to happen. So I made a quick little video intro text thing that plays overs things when you start. It’s just based off a tutorial i found ages ago, but I thought it fitted in really nicely with the whole feel of the game (colourful madness if you havnt guessed by now).

The tutorial I used is found here:

I just really liked the style and effects that were used to make the text effect, so I thought I could get some use out of it by having level titles.

Here’s a short little vid of that working:

[vimeo 21984923]

I’ve also added little skip icons on all the videos and made them skip able, just to save everyones sanity from seeing the same cutscene over and over again.


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