Exhibition planning

5 Apr

I havn’t posted anything about the grad show exhibition, and since we’ve been planning it and it’s all part of my grade, I thought I better had.

My role in the grad show is content editor and PR. Basically, I am the wordsman of the gradshow.

Initially, I took care of everyone’s personal bio and project abstract. I am in charge of getting the words off of everyone and then checking to make sure they are grammatically correct and make sense.

So far this has gone well. Pretty much everyone has given me their words quickly apart from one or two people. But, as far as I’m aware, this is a big improvement over last year where they took a while to get the words off of individual people. So that’s good so far.

I am also doing PR for the show, Gary has offered to help me with this, so me and Gary have sat down today and emailed invites to lots of people.

I had a list of people that I wanted to invite that was fairly large, and then others added to it. So today we had a good list of people to invite.

We have already had a few replies back, and they have been positive so far. Even from one professional, Hoss Gifford, who lives in Glasgow, he has actually given us a positive response and will try to make it along. That’s just fantastic! He’s a well respected Flash developer and has started making iPhone apps. Both me and Gary have had brief casual chats with him via Twitter and Email and he seems very approachable and honest, so it’s nice if he was able to come along and meet us in person.

The whole text that I have written to send out to people goes as follows:


I am NAME, a student on the interactive media course here at Newport.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you along to our final grad show, can you put this date in your diary now?

Impossibilities is the end of year grad show of the 3rd year Interactive Media students at the University of Wales, Newport. We are a range of artists, designers and coders who all have interesting and diverse projects.

Interactive Media is all about working in any medium and making it fun, interactive and different.

This year, we have lots of interesting work to show such as self generating art, a mind controlled arcade game where you play as Mr. Space Giraffe and a remote controlled arcade racing game. We are displaying the work at the Riverfront Gallery between the 6th and 7th of May following up with a two week University wide exhibition in June.

Come along and play with our work, entrance is free and you will leave feeling that you have seen into the future. It promises to be an imaginative display of work, often indistinguishable from magic.

We hope that you can send someone along.

I think that these are some pretty strong and convincing words that will hopefully get people excited and interested in coming to see our show. That’s the idea anyway.

We will continue to invite people when we find names to invite, and the plan is to send reminder emails out to the list in a few weeks, just so they dont forget and to keep them interested in the show.

I think this is a good plan, keeping people updated on the running of the show and the schedule.

Me and Gary are also trying to get Seb Lee Delisle to do a guest workshop at the opening night, the uni apparently has some money to do this so that would be fantastic if that were to happen.

Other than that, I have no other main responsibilities apart from chiming in and providing my opinion to group matters.

So far, the group decided aspects have been done appallingly. It is very very difficult to decide anything via group, especially one with heavy and conflicting oppinions.

We’ve taken ages deciding on the logo alone, when we thought we had decided on one, some people would shift opinions and be dead set against the one we had just chosen. This makes everything so difficult to decide upon, especially since we are strapped for time.

Most recently, there has been conflict over the group t-shirts. Personally, i think the t-shirt idea is silly and pointless, all thats going to happen is that we have a white t-shirt with some graphics on it. Being white t-shirts, we wont stand out much at all and we wont look at all professional, since they are t-shirts. I’d just prefer smart casual with name badges, but no one agrees, so t-shirts it is.

The conflict in the group has been about where we shall get the shirts printed and how much they should cost.

Quite rightly, Gary argued that we should not pay £180 for shirts when collectively, if everyone paid money, we would have £180. We wouldnt be able to afford anything else at all. And we still need at least posters.

Gary has a mate who can print the tshirts cheaper and in a known good quality, so that’s where we are getting them printed. The total price for that will be £150. So we will still have money left.

Anyway, it seems like the gradshow planning, like anything decided by a group has descended into arguments and people taking things way too personally.

Things are getting there slowly though, so that’s okay. As long we have a show for these people to turn up to. I know that at least three of us will have a project there to see. So that’s something I guess…


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