Prettyfying: Posters

1 Apr

I’ve been thinking a lot about how the physical side of my project is going to look recently.

I started doing some designs for postcard graphics. My idea was to have artwork on postcards to hand out at the show for people to take home with them.

The original idea was to have character cards, so that each card had a different character on them. I started looking at retro art and the promotional material for Tron Legacy, they had some good artwork done for them. The cards were very 80’s looking and contained painted art to promote the fake games of encom.

I wanted to do something a bit like this, so I had a go at doing a digital painting, but it wasnt very successful.

I was told about the artist Tom Whalen who does some very nice fan poster art for star wars and Olly Moss who also does fan art for star wars.

Their simplistic but bold style was something that inspired me.  I really like how the posters also focus on individual characters, and this was something that I wanted to include in my promotional artwork. It’s all about the characters anyway so, I thought that drawing inspiration from these artworks and style would result in some nice work. So I went and did some art along those lines. I came up with this.

I think this is pretty nice, and works well as one big poster with the four characters in them as well as individual card prints.

I think I will be continuing this style for the booth art and other promotional materials.


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