Making a stand

29 Mar

Recently, I’ve been making the stand that will house my final game. It’s a simple wooden structure that looks like it could fit in a museum.

It only had a few requirements, that it could hold the kinect on top, house a screen for instructions/graphics and house the cartridge slot.

Building it was fairly simple, my dad has a load of tools such as a bandsaw so I was able to cut up and create the structure in a fairly short amount of time.

Drawing inspiration from museum panels and interactive displays, I made a small podium with a sloping top. The top houses everything that’s needed for my project.

I didn’t use any plans and pretty much designed it on the fly. I don’t know whether or not this was a foolish move as it all seemed to work in the end, so I would say it was a success.

My dad had a load of left over wood from rehousing my mums shop, so, I got to use that. The whole thing is now 100% recycled. And, as such, it’s height was determined by the height of the wood that was available to me. Luckily, it was just the right height.

I set about building the podium. It’s a very simple structure. Four sides that slot and screw together. Yet, it looks pretty good.

Now I just have to decorate it so it fits in with the rest of my game.


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