Justification of Kinectification

14 Mar

Recently, I read an article all about usability and what makes a magical, fantastical user experience.

It seems that it all boils down to these few points:

  • Transformation must occur, adding utility, meaning, or even useful action
  • It must happen without delay
  • The transformation must maintain fidelity and accuracy to the original
  • The transformation shouldn’t interrupt the larger experience
  • The less abstract, the more magical
  • The less management/preparation the more satisfying

All of the above points lend themselves quite nicely to me using a kinect instead of eye tracking.

The fact that the kinect allows for zero setup from the user, can remain hidden, can be triggered by just standing at the booth and requires only simple hand gestures to work all help it become a magical user experience.

If I can set up the kinect to just work straight away with hand tracking in flash (and what I’ve been reading about it so far, I think I can, its just a matter of tracking the nearest point) then it will work with absolutely anyone.

And, it will be very cool.

Full article here:


It’s all about how the best user design is a passive experience where the stuff just happens without much though or setup from the user. If I can get my game to work with zero setup from the user, well, thats just fantastic really.


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