Narrative expansions

13 Mar

The narrative within the game has expanded somewhat to provide a story that hopefully makes more sense in context.

When Mr Space Giraffe fights David Bowie, Mr Space Giraffe destroys Bowie’s clothes with every laser eye blast. This is shown through graphical representation of torn Bowie-wear.

Why is this important? Because as everyone knows, Bowie loves his clothes and he simply cannot stay in a costume that is torn or damaged in anyway.

Bowie shed’s his costume and dissapears to create and don a new outfit, far more glamorous than before. Mr Space Giraffe then takes the torn costume and wears it for the next level.

To fit this within the game, I have to now animate new cutscenes and create new artwork for mr space giraffe. I have already started this before I had the idea to explain the odd circumstances.

Now hopefully it all makes far more sense why Mr Space Giraffe wears old Bowie outfits and why Bowie escapes for a while before returning to fight Mr Space Giraffe.

Anyway, I have completed the giraffe costumes for you to enjoy. Here are the complete levels of giraffe.


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