many ages of bowie

28 Feb

Recently, I’ve been doing some more art work for the game.

The general idea is that everytime you defeat bowie, he goes away and evolves into a newer bowie, the reason for this is that, during battle, you destroy his clothes, so he has to go away and change. Bowie cant be seen with a ruined outfit.

A handy excuse for why bowie is always changing clothes.

Regardless, i’ve drawn two other bowies, ashes to ashes bowie and labyrinth bowie. Both well known styles and the opitomie of the fucking mental bowie style.


These were crafted in my usual manner, draw by hand, vector in illustrator and then texture in photoshop.

Also, the giraffe steals the clothes of the bowie you have just defeated, like a little trophy. There was a thought pattern behind this, mainly that I thought it would be funny to see a giraffe dress up like david bowie. Anyway, I’ve drawn one bowie giraffe and here he is:

I’m fairly sure I left my sanity behind somewhere when I thought up these concepts.

However, they continue to amuse me, and thats all that matters really.


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