A costume drama

28 Feb

After getting the eye tracking working, I decided to make it look nice and pretty.

As I posted last time, I’m using ski goggles to make the whole setup comfier and easier to wear. I then spent a good deal of time pissing about with the camera placement on the goggles before finding that one sweet spot that works on a range of people.

I taped the crap out of the camera so it stayed put on the goggles, and with the help of some aluminium rod, the camera was firmly mounted to the goggles.

I had heard about this neat product called sugru through twitter, its this air drying silicon rubber that you can form just like play dough, so I thought this would be the best time to use it. I bought a bunch of it and started using it to cover up my camera and help mount it to the goggles.

It worked wonderfully, and because it’s dry stuff, it didn’t mess up my camera at all, it now protects it from the dangers of the world.

First time round, I actually didn’t buy enough sugru, one packet, or 30g of it, was just about enough to cover the camera and not much else, so I bought some  more and the the whole lot got covered up and formed nicely. Now it looks like some sort of space age conceptual art that you wear. I also popped out the lens so that now, the camera isnt going through two layers of plastic to get to your eyes and everything isnt orange tinted

It holds up well and the sugru worked really well and came out a lot better than I was expecting it to be so thats all great.

I’ve also been looking at making a space helmet this week.

Adam asked if I was going to make the user wear a space helmet so that it was even more like the game character, this was something that I wanted to do from the beginning really, but I couldn’t find one to buy, but then it was pointed out to me that I could probably make one with the help of the Matt and Wayne from fabrication.

I took my idea down to them and they said it was fairly simple to make, so I went and bought lots of acrylic and started making a space helmet.

The general method is to cut out a circle of acrylic, heat it up in an oven, and then use the special blow moulder they have to form a dome out of the acrylic.

Cut circles of acrylic

Blow moulder on the left, oven on the right

Blow moulder. I place the melty acrylic under the metal ring, clamp it down and then turn on the air compressor to blow a dome

A completed dome

Two hemispheres sitting together.

This works really well, and in no time at all I had two half domes I could use for a helmet. Wayne then found some white acrylic that was thicker, and so, just because we could, we made a dome out of it.

Having half the dome white works even better really, gives it a more obvious space helmet look while giving the user and obvious front side to the helmet.

This needs to be finished off next week, I have yet to cut a hole where you can stick your head and neaten up the edges. I also have to put a hinge on it so it can be put on easily.

But, the more and more I create to wear for the project, the more and more rediculous it is becoming. But, I also think that this is part of its charm.


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