Head tracking is a big pain in my arse.

8 Feb

After setting up my booth a week ago and having it working, I have since set up the booth on three separate occasions and have it not working and unable to resolve the problems.

Buggering thing.

Having two wiimotes seems to be just as unreliable as having one wiimote, the physical nature of the set up is just too much of a risk to make it a really viable solution for me.

So, moving onward.

Eye tracking. I’ve had a little read up on head tracking and found that it can be done fairly cheaply and easily. In essence, you are taking an IR camera, pointing it at your eye and flooding your eye with IR light. Some software that has already been written and tested many times by the great people at the GRL, makes using eye tracking simple.

What I propose is to make my own system using the nice cheap method as found on eyewriter.org and hopefully this will work on enough people and be reliable enough that I can use it in my project.

It’s also really cool. Super space age right.

I gathered some parts today to make myself an eye tracking system.

I needed:

  • A PS3 eye
  • aluminium rod
  • wire
  • sunglasses
  • IR LED’s

I couldn’t get hold of any IR LED’s, although I know of one lady who has a lot of them.

I got hold of everything else just by hitting the shops in newport, so I set about building the set up.

Luckily, the folks over at eyewriter.org, posted up a nice instructables article on how to build such a system.

I followed their guide on stripping down the camera and mounting it to the sunglasses and this is what I have so far:

Now all I need to do is add on the IR LED’s and i’ve got something to test out.

The software for this runs in openframeworks, and after a quick google search, it seems that it can talk to flash pretty easily by using sockets in a similar manner to how I connect the wiimotes anyway, so interfacing this with my game should be no problem at all.


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