Self promotion

26 Jan

To get the word out about my project, I’m aiming to do a range of self promotion.

I’ve already started setting up the two accompanying websites that are the central hub of the project promotion, I’ve set up twitter accounts to link to these sites too, so that you can follow for specific updates on the project.

Previously, I’ve used my connections with envato active to start talking about the project on twitter, and I’m utalising twitter to talk to magazines like computer arts to spread the word of my project.

I will also be looking to a site called for some help. Kickstarter is a crowd based project funding site. On kickstarter, you promise people that you will give back to them something in order to get them to give some money towards your project. You can give them credit, promotional items or unique physical gifts, anything you can think of that would be interesting enough for them to give you money towards your project.

This is an interesting way of self promotion, blog sites often pick up the more interesting and noteworthy projects on there and it also helps to spread the word about your project whilst giving you money towards your project. I’ll be using the money to help build my arcade cabinet and get some good lighting.

I want to have some really good lighting for my project, and recently while listening to evan raskobs talk, he mentioned that his friend has built a dmx shield for arduino so that you can control huge, professional lighting rigs all through an arduino. This is perfect for me, and hopefully with kickstarter, I can fund the theatrical treat that I want my project to be.


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