Making a working prototype

25 Jan

Recently, I have been concentrating on working the bugs out of my game and creating a working level prototype that I can test with.

The main thing thats holding me back from mass testing is the fact that the head tracking still needs some work done so that it will work regardless of who sits in the booth and how they sit in it.

Anyway, the game itself is coming along nicely. With only a few little things to figure out now, im happy with this as a working prototype.

The boss level is something I’ve been working on a lot recently. I wanted something else to happen at the end to make it feel like you achieved something rather than the previous, lack luster way the level ended.

You have to kill bowie and take away all his lives. But, now, when he gets down to his last life, you go into a head to head mode where you have a mind battle off with him. This helps emphasise that bowie has superior mind powers and isnt just another opponent.

I need to add a little more to finish up how the endings are handled, but otherwise it’s all good so far.

Here’s a video to show you how it looks:

I’m fairly happy with this now, the whole look and feel of the game. Just needs that few extra tweaks.

I’d be even happier when I get the physical side sorted out. Need to discuss this with Adam I think.


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