New domain names

23 Jan

When I was creating my design document (it’s all part of the project), I was writing up what I intended to do for self promotion of this project.

I decided that I would have a project specific website with its own domain. After a while of hunting out domain names combinations, I settled on I would have prefered a .com, but that domain was taken for some very poor pc game. were both taken too. By design agencies. So I was only really left with one choice.

For this site, I’ve decided that I’ll run it on wordpress. This will allow me to update easily. I initially wanted to run it on as this makes blogging and updating even easier than wordpress, but, I went and bought the domain with UK2, and they wouldnt allow me to access the settings that would let me direct the domain name to a posterous account. Oh well. is now running on my own server and that should be fine for now.

Something else that I wanted to do was to create a small viral campaign for the game. The whole premise of this was born out of the fact I was looking up domain names for the game. One of the possibilites that I went for was I sent this to amee and she asked why I wanted a site called mrs space and if she was going to have a blog. The idea was born. I run a parrallel blog site that updates every day or every few days with little posts from mrs space giraffe, the main characters wife. She will post giraffe fashion tips, cooking tips etc. At the time of the show, she will start posting about how her husband hasnt come home and how she misses him. This will hopefully promote the main game and try and inspire people to save mr space giraffe. After the show, he will return home and everything will be grand.

After learning from the previous mistake, I hosted this domain somewhere else and linked it to

So now, I have these two domains:

Hopefully this will help spread the word of the game around the web and get people interested in this project.


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