Adding some new features

21 Jan

Recently, I have been testing my game with others in its entirety. I found some interesting things.

Firstly, I found that using the brainwave input to start the game isnt reliable. It turns out that the hat will occasionally pick up input if its left by itself. I have no idea why that is at all. Instead, I should change this input to more of an arcade game feel. I don’t think I could have a coin input, but I could have a button to press.

Secondly, I found that it’s generally confusing and jarring when you beat david bowie in the boss level. I noticed this myself previously, but Martyn suggested that there could be a laser duel, where you have to concentrate very hard to destroy bowie. There could be a laser beam that goes back and forth between the two characters.

This seemed to me like a good idea, it would add some more drama to defeating the boss, and make taking out his last life a lot more noticable and with some extra animation scenes, it would add some more closure to the end of the level.

I’ve been working on this the last few days, it’s been tricky.

I thought it would be something that I could input and get working in a matter of minutes, but, for some reason, it’s just not having it.

Flash, being the pain that it can be, wouldnt let the timer function I had just written stop, this is the first time that has happened to me, so it took a while to figure out that the timer function was to blame.

Luckily, I replaced this with an enter frame function and all was grand. Now, the boss fight works, I just need to tinker around with the settings, animate some video and I’ll have something to record for next week.

I’ve also been redesigning the logo with the help of Lee and Gary who have lived through the 80’s.

Lee suggested that the colouring of my logo didnt fit with the style of the game. This is true, I wasn’t feeling the paper texture. It was just there to fill in the gaps at the time.

After Lee suggested a nice 80’s gradient style, I set about redesigning it. Lee suggested that I should use a horizon style colouring, so blue merging to orange to give that retro clashing feel.

After a few hours playing around with it in class, I came up with this. I’m very happy with how this looks and I have even surprised myself with just how much I like it.

It reminds me of a classic arcade game, it really gives the feel of the arcade. The logo itself kind of reminds me of mortal kombat, and the colouring of some sort of racing game, but I just cant put my finger on what it is. Essentially, the research I did for this was watch some Duran Duran videos and ask Gary what kind of colours are quintessentially 80’s.

I can see this looking great on the side of a big cabinet. Nice.


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