Crafting cardboard

8 Jan

I started making a prototype arcade cabinet out of cardboard, just so I could get the shape, height and positioning sorted before I make a real one later on.

Luckily, I had a few large cardboard boxes lying around and my mum had access to a few as well, I cut them up and taped them together to create a folding, stacking cardboard arcade cabinet you can sit in.

Works wonderfully, I set it up, put in the wiimote and adjusted it so it was working for me, then I tried the parent test. They put on the hat and straight away when they sat down in the booth, it worked for them. Great! Finally headtracking works as it should.

Noticably, when I got my mum to test it, she had no idea what to do, I told her nothing and she only had the instructions on screen to follow, she got the hang of it straight away, and this is a woman who is terrified she might blow up a computer if she installs a program. Grand.

I have some photos that I took while building my cabinet so have a gander:

As you can see, it’s not the best arcade cabinet in the world, one of the boxes I used was basially tape, so it’s quite flimsy but it does a good job of prototyping this and proving that it all works together.

Soon, I shall hopefully have my replacement arduino, so I can test out the headset + game + cabinet + flashing lights all together on my parents just in time before I return to the house for the new term to begin.


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