Arcade cabinets

6 Jan

Recently, I went to see Tron: Legacy. The cinema also happens to have an arcade nearby so while I was there, I went to check it out and take some pictures of what arcade cabinets look like now.

They have a lot of shooter games there, which is exactly what I wanted. My game, being closest to a shooter game, I feel should resemble or at least borrow some visual aspects of a shooter game, yet, with the fact that you need to be sitting down, I will also be borrowing from racing game cabinets since these have a fixed seating position.

The cabinets all have one thing in common, big, bright lights. Often these are just edge lit plastic to save on price rather than led strip light edging. You also get a lot of loud music, which is something that I plan on having in my game, I’ve already got the music, I just need to pump it out loud when it comes to display time.

In the film Tron Legacy, theres a clip when Sam walks into his dads old arcade and turns the power on for the first time in 20 years, the music is loud and you can hear all these different sounds from the arcade machines. Arcade machines are very loud and obnoxious, they are built to grab attention and to make people pay attention and play them. Taking a leaf out of their book might not be a bad idea.

I really like the bright LED’s and I am working on controlling and LED strip light with mind power. The LED’s will glow and flash when the games not playing, and when it is playing, the LED’s brightness will depend on how hard you are concentrating so that the whole booth becomes a physical meter for how hard you are concentrating.

The glow intensity should become apparent to how its being controlled fairly quickly. I’d also like it to flash red if you get hit. I have to control the LED’s first and that has become a problem because it turns out that I somehow bought a very unusually wired form of RGB LED’s so I am working on that thanks to the help of the kind people on the arduino forums.


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