Beta user testing, or getting my dad to play it.

4 Jan

So, my games just about got to the stage where I can get other people to play it. All it does is remind me just how much I need to do.

In lui of lots of people to test the game out on, I got my dad to play it to find out how others felt when playing the game.

What I found out was fairly surprising. First of all, the biggest point was that it was too easy to kill enemies. I thought this too, and it turned out that I had the kill code set to pick up your relaxation rather than medatation values, how silly!

So, moving on from that point, I discovered that I needed more instruction to guide the user in how to play. I thought that putting the instructions in the intro animation would be enough, but clearly not as my Dad was still confused and had to ask me what he had to do next. I was careful in that before hand I had not told him anything about the game except that you control it with your mind.

I also found out that the levels were too short, I had set them to be 30 seconds long each and my dad got confused when the first level ended so quickly.

Upon completing the game, I asked him a series of questions. Little had been said throughout the testing, just to help him when he wasnt sure what to do.

These were his answers:

How difficult was it to use?

Very easy.

Did the head tracking feel natural?

Was destroying enemies easy or difficult?

Too easy. It didn’t feel like I was doing anything to warrant killing them.
Were the instructions clear?

Did you understand how you played the game?

Only after explanation.
Were the game levels long enough or too short?

Too short.
Was it easy to enter your name?

Was the narrative clear?

Was the hat easy or difficult to use?


And with that I got some surprising results. I always thought that name entry at the end was easy with the head tracking. I noticed that my dad kept hitting several letters at once, so it may have something to do with the spacing of the letters.

The enemies one was very interesting. It didn’t make him feel like he was doing anything to kill them. It turns out he wasn’t as I explained previously. I fixed this and asked him again, he felt he had control over how they were killed, but not over how they came on screen. I did mention that you control them too. This needs to be put into the narrative and instructions, which will take the form of a voice over when you start.

In regards to the boss fight, the same confusion occured, How do you kill him? what makes him fire at you? I need to address these questions and some how figure out how to give better control over spawning the monsters. Clearly that is too easy to do.

Doing this test was certainly helpful and just reminded me of what I hadn’t finished yet.

I’ll fix these then get my mum to play it. She has no idea whats going on with it either.


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