evil space bowie and soundtrack

26 Dec

Recently, I have been completing the first level and boss fight, ironing out bugs, doing more animation and choosing music.

So, before I could get to the boss fight in the game, I had to have some little animatic to show who this boss is. So I had to animate evil space bowie coming in on a cloud and talking to the giraffe before they fight.

This concludes the main animatics for the game. The only animated parts left will be the win and lose screens and inbetween levels just to keep the narrative going.

Last post, I talked about how I had lots of the game dynamic done. Well, it turns out that I had to redo the scoring mechanism as it wasnt working for more than one enemy. Silly me, should have tested it with the hat earlier.

Anyway, it took me a while to figure out a method of doing this, as with most games, they dont need a score before the enemy is removed, and the fact that I’m checking if the enemy is hit every frame, which then added a score to the counter, it resulted in huge, innacurate scores.

What I eventually figured out was that if I check to see if the enemy has been hit before, then if it hasnt add some score and then remove it. That stops all the problems because instead of adding a score every frame until it dissapears, it just adds a score once then stops checking it.

I did this through some if statements and variable counters. I put a variable counter in the enemy class and passed a function to it from the main class. If it has been hit on the first frame, the function gets passed to the enemy class telling the enemy variable to go up.

In the main class I check to see if the enemy variable is less than 1, if it is do the animation and increase the enemy variable, if not do nothing.

Okay, that might sound a bit confusing.

But all in all, its just a matter of passing information between two classes.

Took me a while to figure out that one, annoyingly, because its just so simple.

I also figured out how to get the laser blast stuff to work again, so now its all grand.

Next up, I looked into the music choices for my game.

Originally I was looking at the same musical choice that filmCow used for bino the elephant. Not the same peice of music, but the same musician, Logan Whitehurst. He’s a strange musician who does odd, electronic pop music. None of his music seemed to fit in with my game, so I looked around for another artist, Lemon Demon. He does similar music to Logan, but some of his music seemed to fit in at the time.

Amee suggested that I look at artists like captain beefheart and frank zappa. These are musicians who started recording in the late 60’s. Amee, much like the character Jeff Bridges plays in the Big Lebowski, spends most of her time sitting in the bath, listening to this type of music and smoking marijuana. Since she was around at the time when the music was recorded, she has a good knowledge of the recordings of many musicians. She now lives in a world of daydreams, hallucinations and mind expanding lyrics.

So I looked at some of Captain Beefhearts early music. Infact, the music I chose came from his first album, safe as milk.

I thought I should use this for the intro vid instead of the current music I have.

I just like that the music creates this odd trippy vibe, perfect for falling through a blackhole to another dimension.

This kind of music has become the soundtrack for the film the big lebowski, one of my favourite films. The film is full of this style of music.

So, taking from this starting point, I looked into other bands of a similar nature such as Kenny Rogers and ELO.

The track that Kenny Rogers used on the big lebowski is a great song, and I just like the lyrics, especially at the start,

I woke up this mornin’ with the sundown shinin’ in
I found my mind in a brown paper bag, but then…
I tripped on a cloud and fell eight miles high
I tore my mind on a jagged sky

Quite excellent given my chosen mind altering theme of a game.

So, that’s the track I chose for the first level and first cut scene.

Now, currently, I am working on things what happens when you win or lose, mostly that involves a score board and being able to restart.

Once thats done, I should be able to slot in new levels fairly easily.

The way i’ve set up the game currently, is that its quite hard to lose. The only way that you dont win and carry on is if you get hit by lots of mind monsters. Of course, the amount of these need to be adjusted when it comes to user testing. Don’t want people dying on the first level now.


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