Current state of things

22 Dec

So, actually getting back to my game now. Recently, there has been a little debacle over the giraffe hat. I wanted the ears to stick up more like a real giraffe so I went and got some pipe cleaners to stick in them. As my mum is a much better sewer than I am, I asked her if she could help me out by sewing the pipe cleaners on. She took them to work where my dad told her that the ears were in the wrong place and needed to be on top of the hat.

I had no idea this was going on, so my parents brought the hat back to me and the ears were on the wrong side and on top of the hat so the damn thing looked like a donkey.

I wasnt impressed this had happened, more so by the fact my dad was so confident that this was right, he glued the ears on. Not easy to get out of fur.

In the end, I sewed the ears in the right place and fixed the hat. With the headset back in the hat, I could do more work on the game.

I’ve made a simple menu screen, this will have an animated sequence behind it of the giraffe fighting off various monsters etc, just like a real arcade game has.

This screen detects if you are wearing the hat correctly or not. When the hat is on correctly, the screen advances to the head movement setup screen.

On this screen, you have to move your head and knock out the targets before the game goes on to the intro animatic. I think I’ll have to redesign this screen, it seems a little out of place for me at the moment.

When I was animating this sequence, it allowed me to play around with different effects for the enemies and how they would look easily. Because of this, I now needed to put in the jellyfishes wobbly legs and explosions when killed into the game itself. This actually went pretty smoothly. Its the giraffes laser beam eyes that are proving to be a problem. It’s just not working anymore and I’m not sure why. I’ll look into this effect later on, as I want to get a basic level structure down in game form first.

As you can see, I’ve now got a decent in game clock and score running. This is vital for later on.

See, what I’ve managed to get working is the explosion and the blast when conditions are right, but not the laser beam from the eyes. I’m not sure why thats stopped working so I’ll investigate that later on.

So next on my list of things to do is to animated the next animatic, thats where giraffe meets bowie for the first time.

Then, i’ve got to make the bowie and giraffe battle, not sure how this is going to work yet. Perhaps on the same game basis, you relax enough, bowie shoots lasers at you, you concentrate enough and you blast him. Have to figure that out.

Here’s a basic chart that shows the sequence of events that are happening in my game. As you can see, the structure of it is fairly simple and straight forward, do a level, fight a boss, repeat until you die or story ends.

The high score table will be the end. I will have to think of just how a name will be input into the game. I’m thinking a hovering system. Look at and hover over a letter and it’ll be selected. Or maybe simply a keyboard infront of you, who knows.



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