Abusing the talents of others cont.

18 Dec

Earlier on, I posted about Rich doing voice work for me. After he sent me that sample, I decided that I needed to get the intro animation done pretty quickly, so I wrote up the script for what I needed Rich to say (he has the parts of space giraffe and space Bowie, I have the part of the narrator) and sent them to him.

Rich, being the fantastic sport he is, sent the voice work back to me a day later. I’ve spliced the audio together and added in my part so you can hear how the game will sound.

Spaced Out Voices by jon reid

And here is the script that I sent Rich, as you can see, he stuck very closely to the script, but yet made it his own.

I particularly like how Rich sang all of Bowies lines, I think thats a very nice touch that really adds to the bizzaro world game that I’m creating.


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