First person head tracking.

7 Dec

After my development presentation yesterday, Adam suggested that I try out a first person view for my game, as headtracking works great for this situation and could add something extra to my game.

As I was putting this together, a few problems quickly arose.

First of all, I can’t do 3D graphics. I’m not very good at them and it would be an injustice to my game if I took the extra step to learn 3D since it would just look very bad and amateurish, that is something I dont want from my game at all.

The movement does not reflect the physical movement. I would have to replace the rotational head movement with leaning to get it to feel natural. And this goes against what I want to do with my game. That’s why I chose to do top down tracking so that I didn’t have to lean to control the side to side movement.

I wanted to keep the physical movement quite small and natural feeling, having to lean about as if it was an action game would distract from the thought required from the user, I think. That and the headset would fall off. It’s not made to stay on during lots of movement. It’s a childs toy, i’m still surprised that it fits on an adults head as it is.

Now thats all out the way, I can get back to the 2D, side on game.

P.S Luke brought up something quite interesting. Linking old projects into this one. I kinda am linking beyond into the project with a head mounted control system, but he mentioned about adding in a huge david bowie as a boss. He could be on to something.


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