5 Dec

Well, I say logo, it’s more of a type face plus logo.

It took me ages to come up with the name alone. I went through multiple choices, but this was one that I came up with fairly early on, and then eventually went back to.

Here are some of the names I thought of:

  • Mentality
  • Mental Space
  • Head Space
  • Spaced Out
  • Thoughtfulmess
  • Brain Trip

and many other far worse ones.

I settled upon Spaced Out. I think it is a good name for this project.

I then started to design some headers for it.

Initially, I did this:

It keeps reminding me of the clockwork orange logo, so I changed it a bit, but was still unhappy.

I felt that the type face was wrong so I changed it completely.

I think this nice blocky layout fit well with the wording “spaced”, gave it a more regimented feel.

Upon outside suggestion, the “o” was replaced with the giraffe head to form a usable logo.

I then reworked the giraffe helmet a bit to make it look a bit more logo like and centered the text.

I then altered colours so they stood out more.

And now I ended up with something I liked far more, and could see being used on the casing design of the booth.

I like this. The improved giraffe head logo could also be used throughout on various things.


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