More enemies

2 Dec

I drew some more enemies for my game. I really wanted to have an angry owl for some reason, I like the idea that it’s the opposite of how owls are usually portrayed so, I drew myself an owl.

I then was looking at images of other animals and I came across the koala. I had a stroke of genius at this point.

For the koala, I could have one coming in at very rare moments, like if you achieved 100% relaxation and even then once every few mins, so they are very rare animals. If you failed to get rid of one then and it hit you, it would cling to the giraffes back and make your targeting slow down for a bit.

Just like real koalas.

And so I drew a koala.

I’m not really happy with the way this one turned out, I’ll have to give it another go another time.

Of course, I didn’t just blindly draw these, I had to have some reference.

Amee really likes owls and she has an owl keyring, I took a picture of this as initial reference for my owl.

I don’t think it looks much like an owl though, more like a bat. So, to google I went.

This cute bastard is where I drew most inspiration from.

And for the koala, I went to google images again.

I like how they always seem to be curled up into a ball.

It was this one that gave me the idea that the koala could cling on to the giraffe, I mean just look at his face. Adorable.

I quite like the idea of subverting expectations of animals, and that’s why I’ve chosen these two lovely specimens.

Squids and jellyfish gave me the style inspiration, but doing all sea creatures felt a bit too straight forward and obvious a choice for enemies to me, so I’ve mixed it up a bit.


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