Today, I’ve been soldering, again.

25 Nov

Yet again, i’ve spent time in the electronics lab. Yesterday I started my 555 timer circuit and today I finished it off.

I had some trouble with getting the right timing for the circuit and with the right voltage. The bluetooth box that the brainreading works from needs the headsets button to be pressed and held for a certain amount of time. When it is, it sets the box to into the right mode, anything less and it starts up the basic star wars game, anything more sets it into a free play mode where yoda talks to you.

It took a little trial and error to get the circuit to hold the switch for the exact amount of time it needs, but I got there in the end.

Next up is to attach some batteries to it (or the headsets batteries if i can manage it, it might prove too much of a drain on the headsets batteries though.) and then put it all together. This push switch will definately make my life easier.

After that, I hope to get some testing done on the projector, I’ve yet to do this as I kept getting side tracked with the electronics, it took a lot longer than expected.


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