Today, I have mostly been, soldering.

24 Nov

So this morning, I went do to the electronics lab to see kim and get my headset wired up properly. It’s about time this was done as I really needed a stable connection for the wii tracking LED’s.

I already had it wired up and working, so it was just a case of lengthening some wires and making connections a lot more stable by soldering them together.

After this was achieved, I asked kim about timing switches. Currently, my brain reading headset needs to be pushed into a certain mode. This mode is only set when a button on the headset is pressed and held for about seven seconds. It’s tricky to get into the mode reliably as there are two modes that it can slip into, one mode pulls out all the headset data whilst the box sits around doing nothing, the other one has yoda shouting encouraging words at you. The yoda mode has a little flaw, every time yoda speaks, the arduino can’t read the data from the headset. These two modes are very easy to accidentally slip into if your timing isnt quite right when holding down the switch.

So I asked kim if there was an electronical way around this. Luckily, there was. I just had to build a small circuit that had a 555 timer switch, a variable resister to set my time delay and a button to trigger it.

I half built it today as I ran out of time. I wired up the entire circuit but I havnt tested it yet so it’s not a part of my headset right now. That will be finished up tomorrow morning, ready for some testing in the afternoon during Lee time.

Quite handily, kim game some handout sheets about setting up the timer circuit and some information on it.

Here’s what I was building from today:


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