Adventure time!

11 Nov


Adventure time is an animated cartoon series about a human boy called finn and a dog named Jake. It is a super bizzare show that revels in surrealism and odd cuteness. It’s shown on Cartoon Network and the concept and story is done by  Pendleton Ward.

You can read more about the show here.

Each episode revolves around the two going on some sort of adventure and helping someone out. The adventures are never anything you could consider normal. For example, one adventure was about Finn finding the anitdote to lumpiness as Jake was bitten by the lumpy princess and so they had to travel to lumpy space. All makes perfect sense.

I really quite like this show. I really enjoy surealism, especially in modern cartoons since they can get away with anything and create some really odd things, e.g spongebob squarepants. The thing that seperates these two shows though, is the overall style of Adventure Time. Instead of just being odd, it is centered around very fun, cute, harmless things. And this childlike sense of fun is what makes the show so brilliant.

I’d like to put this feeling into my game. I want it to be really fun, cute and harmless. I want the user to become a little childish while playing, just let loose and have some fun, and that’s the essence of Adventure Time.


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