Looking daft is part of the game

9 Nov

Today, I made some headway with the headtracking part of my game. I started out testing out the simple classes I made to make wiimote input nice and easy, and ended up with a basic working prototype.

What I did was tape a wii sensor bar to the top of the force trainer, this gives the vague effect that it is being controlled by head movements.

Once this was achieved and controlling a small dot on the screen, I set upon giving it something to hit.

I made basic squares and detected if the circle was hitting it or not.

After this I just checked to see if I was concentrating enough and if I was to remove the square.

Then I just generated squares based on relaxation values and made them move across the screen. Not so hard really.

It now needs some game logic. But the input methods are now done, so thats all good.


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