concept drawings

3 Nov

Because I want to create something that is very pretty and visually stunning, Adam suggested I step back from the code and tech and look at artwork and draw a few things.

There are two things that I personally always find beautiful, Space and Nature. Specifically, forests and rolling hills. The beauty of art is subjective (I know this after living with people who think art is stupid, pointless and not beautiful at all, neanderthalls) but the views that nature creates are universally accepted as pretty.

So I started looking at and drawing things that I thought would look good. First of all I started with an image that is a wallpaper image for one of the iMacs in G1, a dandylion.

This would be pretty simplistic, as you think, you shift parts of the dandylion until they fly away. How nice.

Next, I thought about clouds. Fluffy clouds.

I know they dont really look like clouds but there we go. Imagine, that you are flying through these clouds. Your relaxation subtly changes the speed. You can look around using the headtracking. You can focus on certain objects that are flying with you. Much like an on rails shooter but without shooting anything and looking so much better.

For the next idea I looked at nasa’s space images. The images they post on their website are really amazing. Seeing various images of planets and the solar system are really something to behold. So my idea was to grow planets based on what you are focusing on and how hard you concentrate.

I quite like this one. Havnt thought about the machanics of this one, but choosing and growing parts of planets with your mind in some sort of god simulator would be pretty amazing. Especially coupled with realistic, space like images. That would blow minds.

Lastly, I returned to the ground. Hills and valleys. This image is one from a flickr users photostream. I’t’s a part of the german countryside and it’s really beautiful. I’ll post some images from that after.

The idea here is to focus on different areas of the screen and have them grow based on your concentration. You can grow individual areas and layer up the image until you create a wonderful landscape.

As you can see, my artistic talent for drawing is not great right now, that’s most likely because I havnt drawn anything in a while. Should do it more often, it’s fun.

Heres the images the last image was based on. Breathtaking.

All photos were found here


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