Brainy ideas

3 Nov

So, the other day, I brought in my brain reading toy thing to show to adam. He was very impressed. We started playing with it and I decided that I would be stupid to not do something with this tech. So it’s pretty much decided that I’m going to use mind control as the main basis for my project.

I think I’ve also decided against the controlling a single physical object thing as well. Although it is very cool and fun, I personally dont think that people will get that it is controlled by thoughts quickly enough and so miss the whole point.

As we were playing around with the mind reader, adam almost exploded with a thought he had. To be honest, it’s a very cool idea so I would have too.

Combine the headset with head tracking and then you can look at an object, think about it and then be able to control that specific object rather than just one. Wow.

So, to do this, you just put simple IR LED’s on the headset, track them with a wiimote, grab those points in flash and voila. Pin point mind control in flash for next to nothing. Genius I tells ya, genius.


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