Use the force Luke

1 Nov

Holy crap what? While researching the frontiernerds approach to hacking a mind reader, I found a subtly hidden link to an absolutely amazing project.

Some friends of theirs took a mindflex, hacked it and then used it to recreate a famous scene from star wars. All as an introduction to physical computing. What the holy crap in all of amazing hell.

So the scene that I’m on about is the one where Luke is hanging upside down in an ice cave and he needs to use the force to pull his lightsaber closer to him.

Using the mindflex, Ian Cleary recreated this. What he did was hang a light saber out of reach of the user. He got them to wear the headset and then watch that clip from star wars. At the right moment, the video stopped and they had exactly one minute to concentrate just enough to release the lightsaber so they could use it to escape.

If they dont manage this, the lightsaber doesnt get released and a video of the wampa eating luke is played. Great stuff.

This is all to demo to students the posibilites of processing and the arduino.

My mind is blown. Wow.

Can I use this combination of on screen and physical playfulness to my advantage? Most likely a big yes indeedy.


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